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About Us

Touch a Heart Networks provides an easy way to connect with those who need practical help in many areas of daily life. From general financial hardship and aid to the elderly to transportation, critical care and overall family support, we are able to help you make a difference in the lives of others.


TAH Network members are able to securely review profiles of individuals, families or organizations that require specific assistance. Members are then able to decide the level of help that they are willing to provide and work with our team to help facilitate the execution. Additionally, the system helps to ensure that there is a proper fit between charitable partners and recipients, further personalizing the experience. It’s a new way of giving back. Simpler, more focused and one that helps save time.


Unlike larger, more complex charitable organizations, Touch a Heart Networks allows you to choose the specific recipients of your donations. Your contributions of time, money or goods are more direct, transparent and personal, and have a much more profound impact on all parties involved. We cater to organizations of all sizes and also offer ongoing status reports through the secure reporting feature.

Touch a Heart is also unique in that it fully encourages, and allows, the involvement of family in the giving process wherever possible. Often, children are excluded from participating in these processes, and we feel strongly that their involvement offers great benefit. Experience has proven that opening up the experience to include family members, especially children, encourages the development of self-esteem, empathy, bonding, community and an appreciation of societal needs.

WE WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU Contact us today if you have any questions, or if you'd like more information on how to get started. We're also very interested in hearing about individuals or organizations that may be in need of help. Please feel free to pass along any details, with the assurance that every contact is handled with the utmost discretion.