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Our People

leanne-newLeanne Sexton – Founder
Born just outside of London Ontario, Leanne got her first taste of community-giving at an early age by volunteering at various organizations within her community. After studying Radio, Television & Film, she moved to Toronto where she had the benefit of working with a number of individuals who further influenced her sense of volunteerism and of giving back. Leanne is a writer, has a successful career in sales and continues to serve the community through Touch a Heart. She lives just north of Toronto and is a mother of four wonderful children.




marketkaMarketka Kubicek – Co Founder
Marketka ‘Markie’ Kubicek was born in Europe, raised in Australia and moved to Canada as a teenager. During these formative years, she experienced many situations where the strength of community and of giving made a big impression on her. She studied Mechanical Engineering in Toronto, but discovered that she had a real knack for working with people, and switched to a career in sales. Markie has been active with the Rotary clubs and has worked on projects through a variety of other charitable organizations. She has one daughter and now helps to create new ways for children and parents to give back to individuals and communities together.

nancyNancy Lewis – Co Founder
Nancy was born in Toronto, Ontario and credits her mom and grandmother for introducing her to giving back to the community. After completing a degree in Fine Art studies, she traveled to Montreal to further her studies in French. It was there that she volunteered at a refugee centre . A light went on and a few months later she returned to Ontario and enrolled in a Social Work program. For the past 20+ years she has lived her passion of helping others. She believes that Touch a Heart is a great way to volunteer and help those who may fall through the cracks of the Social Service System. She lives just north of Toronto and is the mother of a wonderful son.

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